Stay Ahead of the CurveĀ 

It is an inherent part of every Engineer's job to design for efficiency, and the quantum leaps in the cost of fuel over the past couple of years now has customers eager to pay for ever more efficiencies, hence record-breaking new aircraft orders.

While many experts do not see another completely new aircraft arriving any time before 2030, there's plenty of engineering to be done on the programs underway. Aircraft with familiar names but with words like neo and MAX attached will be the beneficiaries of new engines that will be double-digit more efficient than the already efficient engines flying today, and much of that will be due to a combination of advances in materials (both composites and metals), aerodynamics, and manufacturing - three advances that will not be unique just to the engine, but the entire aircraft.

In particular, as aerospace companies continue building legacy products it will be perpetual achievements in achieving manufacturing efficiencies that will ultimately determine who will be in winner in meeting internal and external customer needs.