Targeted 100% to Qualified BUYERS of Optics and Imaging Products

Published 4x annually, Photonics & Imaging Technology (P&IT) marries the best of Photonics Tech Briefs and Imaging Technology in a stand-alone supplement, poly-bagged with Tech Briefs.

P&IT features exclusive reports of innovations in optics, fiber optics, electro-optics, lasers and laser systems, cameras and imaging systems, coatings and materials, test and measurement, sensors, and optical design and analysis software.

Photonics & Imaging targets OEM designers and managers at the front end of the product development process when decisions are made on technologies and vendors. You’ll reach more than twice as many design engineers when you advertise with P&IT.

As optics and imaging applications continue to expand in commercial, medical, and scientific industries, marketers must influence the engineers and designers who are developing tomorrow’s aerospace/defense systems, automobiles, medical equipment, scientific instrumentation, material handling and inspection systems, semiconductors/electronics, and mobile devices — the readers of Photonics & Imaging Technology.