12 Months of Proven Lead-Generation

Webinars are a great opportunity to present your message and co-brand your company with Tech Briefs Media Group and SAE International. Utilize our proven, lead-generating marketing channels to reach new prospects and garner highly qualified sales leads. Your 30- or 60-minute event will feature a live presentation and an audience Q&A. Each Webinar is moderated by a TBMG or SAE editor.

Our Webinars Provide a Valuable Channel to Share Information for Our Clients:

""We found the SAE webinar opportunity extremely valuable. We were able to share key information with a large number of customers and potential customers, we learned what they were thinking and wanted to know, our audience found the presentation valuable, and the process was professional, easy, and enjoyable. We plan to use this tool again."

"Everything was well organized, and we appreciate the support to make it a successful webinar. As always, Linda did a great job moderating."

And They Provide a Learning Experience for Our Listeners:

"Very informative. I enjoyed the verbal explanations of the ‘deep’ technical aspects."

"Excellent presentation; information was crisp and at the right technical detail."

"Very worthwhile; a good deal of information in a concise amount of time supported by downloadable resources."

Tech Briefs Media Group and SAE International provide many support materials to make sure your event is a success. Included in the Webinar package is a 4-color magazine advertisement (print/digital), banner ads on our website, event alerts through the appropriate E-Newsletter and targeted email blasts.

We handle Webinar production, promotion, and attendee registration. Your event will also be archived at and for on-demand viewing for a full year, extending the value and ROI.